Thursday, March 27, 2014

Some random thinking

As I was washing dishes and getting dinner started this morning, I was going thinking through what needed to be done today. I just started thinking of how great God has been to this family of mine. Yesterday I traded in my van and purchased a newer van. I was thinking how that mini van that I had purchased a year and a half ago was my first big purchase on my own after the divorce. I was so thankful of that accomplishment. It was an oldie but served us very well. I had little trouble with it. We worked hard to keep it clean and wash it weekly. It paid off in that I actually made a little money when I sold it. I was able to purchase a newer car with many new exciting features. Including my favorite - the radio controls on the steering wheel and the boys favorite - a tv and dvd player as well as wireless headphones and a remote control. I love that I was able to pay cash and provide us with a nicer vehicle. Another step in this single life journey. Ok so back to my thinking of how God has blessed us and taken care of us and I realized I don't just want to be thankful. I want to be a good steward of what God has given us. I want the boys to realize my wanting them to help out and keep things clean is not just so we have a clean and organized home but also to show our thanks to God who has given us all things. I know I will still fail, I can not possibly keep my home clean at all times (hello I have 5 boys) but it  was just a great way of thinking and encouraging myself to keep up in training the boys as well as being grateful for all we have. It seems I have grown so much in learning to be thankful for things. I have come to appreciate Gods blessings in my life in a deeper way then I use to. I thank God for working in my life in that way.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring break 2014

I was so super excited for spring break. I love having my boys home. I actually was suppose to finish my quarter after spring break but I wanted to enjoy my guys so I worked extra hard and finished up my quarter on Saturday. I was beyond ready for this quarter to end. It was a rough quarter. Some family issues had happened lately that kept me occupied and running in different directions. I took on an couple of extra part time day care children plus often had my nephews and niece. I feel like I could not have done this quarter without some help. So thank you to my friends that let me use your children in my observations and assessments. Thank you to my boys for being understanding on the nights they had to put themselves to bed on their own while I studied and for the extra help around here. Thanks to my dad whom helped with computer scanning on many assignments. Thanks to my friend's daughter who helped majorly with submitting and making my assignment "pretty" when I had no idea how (got an A+ on the assignment, you rock AW). I do not plan to take on as much at school as I did this quarter. I have signed up for 3 classes next quarter. Thankfully they only have 1 text book per class so hopefully not as much reading.

Here is our spring break recap:
Day 1: Hike at pioneers park with 7 boys. Our morning started with me beginning spring cleaning. (how come cleaning is so much more fun when you call it spring cleaning?) After lunch we hit the grocery store for some snacks and went to pioneers park. It was a beautiful day.

Don't even ask. There really are no words for this picture other then to say oh how I love this guy. He was a trooper hanging with a bunch of kids all week.

Love, love, love this picture. They are a great group of guys and I feel so blessed to have spent the day with them.

    Day 2: We all went and worked at church in the am. Then we went to kids eat free at Valentino's. We then went to the movies. They had $5.00 movies with a popcorn. The younger boys and I went to Mr. Peabody and Sherman and the older boys went to a different movie.

Day 3: we went to Morrill Hall. They have a new display so we went to check it out. Sadly I had taken meds for a headache without taking food and got a stomach ache so we ended up leaving before everyone was ready but we did enjoy the couple hours we were there.
 That evening we enjoyed the skate night for Awanas. Sadly my phone was dead and my camera was left at home so no pictures. But is was a fun night for mom and kids alike.

 Day 4: Try a pinterest recipe for breakfast. Pancakes on bacon. Pretty easy and pretty good. I used turkey bacon. (I love turkey bacon) I was ready for a day at home so our big adventure of the day was going to toys r us for the Disney infinity sale and got the boys the new one they had been wanting but we could not find. We then fired up the grill for dinner and had family over. We then decided on a late night park time. We ended up at Mahoney park until after 9:30. The younger boys and I then went to bed and the older boys did movie night.

Day 5: Friends day. The boys had three extra friends over. (I don't feel comfortable adding friends kids pictures here without permission) we did frozen pizzas for lunch and then walked to the local snow cone store for a snack. The boys will be going to their dads tonight so that ends our spring break week. Dalton will be having friends over Saturday night and then leaving for Colorado Sunday morning. I love that the kids want to come hang out here before they head out at 5 am. They plan to stay up so that they can sleep on the way. Wonder if I will get any sleep?
I have a friend coming this weekend to help me make a t-shirt quilt for Daltons graduation. I figure I better get going on graduation stuff because it is quickly approaching.
We also have- the much looked forward to- derby races at church Saturday. The boys and I had some help from our friends at church and we have 6 cars ready to race. I love this day and can not wait.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


 The last few weeks have been super busy again. Seems like we are always on the go. Finally today I had to stop and be home for a while. I have been told that I need to learn to say no. Today I had lots of practice. I told three people no when they called and asked of things for me today. Mind you one of them I really wanted to do but I think I have reached my limit this week and needed some home time. Time to catch up around here. I had no extra kids today (have had extra kids any time I was home lately) , no appointments until after school today, and no homework due today. We have Bronson's school almost done for the day, got lots of laundry done, floors swept and mopped, and kitchen cleaned. Makes me feel much better. We have some windows open and some Matthew West playing. Makes for a happy me. Here is a look at the books I am reading right now.
I do believe Dalton is way ahead of me in reading this year, but I have had a lot of reading with school so I am a little behind. We both keep lists of the books we read each year. I usually win because  he looses his list. This book, What Every Man Whishes His Father Had Told Him, I decided to read because Dalton and my dad had both read it and just thought it was really good. My dad encouraged me to read it and not really look at it from the name. I have just started it so I am not sure about it yet. I have also had Emery begin reading it with me. I try to read books that will help me with this task of raising 5 boys. Sometimes I wonder if maybe God made a mistake, expecting me to raise them on my own. (For the majority of the time) Then I realize this was HIS plan. I only hope to raise them in a way that would please God. Trust me I fail often,  but I am so thankful for the days he allows me to be these boys mom.
This book is more just for fun. I like reading the book and then watching the movie so I plan to rent this when done. I love taking time out during the day where Bronson and I just have reading time. He is reading Brisinger. Dalton read this series and has gotten Bronson started on it. I still have a stack of books and a "stack" on my kindle to make my way through. This homework stuff sure takes away from my reading time. I have made it half way through this quarter and I can tell you I kind of overdid it this time. I won't be taking this large of a class load again. It's is nice getting a big chunk out of the way but I feel like I am constantly thinking of school work. Thankfully its going well. I get overwhelmed when I think about how long this will take me and that I am not even half way there yet. I am taking baby steps though and making progress. I encourage anyone that feels they could not do school, to try it. It does give you a sense of accomplishment and pushes you to work on the assignments. This never was even a goal of mine but I am so excited to be working towards a degree.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A snowy night

Finally a snowy day! They have not yet decided if we will have a snow day tomorrow or not. I am really hopeful that we will. I would love a day to be lazy and just enjoy some time with the boys. I feel so bad for our school board that has to make the call on that as they end up getting a lot of opinions and upset parents no matter what they end up deciding. Well as I typed that I got the call from the schools that it is cancelled for tomorrow. Even better they made the call in the evening so we can shut off alarms and sleep in tomorrow.
A while ago we went camping with some friends and they had the game Monopoly Deal. The boys loved it. We began our hunt to find this game. I checked all the places that we could think of. The only place I saw it was on Amazon and the price seemed  high for a card game. My parents joined in the scavenger hunt and found it for us while in Florida. The boys were so excited and tonight are enjoying playing it. I have yet to join in so I am not even sure how to play but the boys playing nice together makes me love the game already. The extra boy is my cousins son. Deciding a sleep over will be easier on all involved so that he does not have to come over at 7 am to hang out with us tomorrow. 

During a  trip to Shopko the other night, (for a homework assignment for me) I found notebooks for 24 cents a piece. I had this idea in my head and had been looking for a sale on notebooks so this was the perfect deal for me. I purchased 5 notebooks. One for each child. I wrote a letter to each boy and then put it in their dresser. In my note I asked that they write me back and when done put it in my dresser. I plan to write to each child about once a week. Dalton is a little old for this but I do hope he will humor his mother once in a while and play along. I hope that this will give the boys some extra time to communicate with me as sometimes boys are not very talkative. It also gives me another to chance to tell them how much I love them and how much they mean to me. I don't know if it has ever happened to anyone else but there will be times I realize later I forgot to thank so and so for this or I forgot to make a big deal of _______ when this happened. So this gives me another chance to make my guys feel special. Hope they enjoy it as much as I do.
Well we are going to make some hot chocolate and put in a movie. Cuddle time here we come:)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Bible studying 2014!

 The new year started me off with some new bible study tools. I had noticed that my other bible was needing replaced not to mention I had some information wrote in it that I didn't really want to see every time I opened my bible. So I purchased myself a new bible. Our church has a great book store and I found a new bible. It is taking some getting use to when flipping through the pages. I have never had a bible with the indents for the books of the bible and actually they end up confusing me. I didn't want to purchase it for this reason but decided I liked the other options about the bible enough to go ahead with it. I also got a one-year bible reading plan. Its the longer paper in the background. It has three different reading plans. I am doing the front to back plan. You read about 3 chapters a day going in order through the bible. I did stop after Exodus and skipped over to Psalms for a little while just to lighten things up a bit before hitting Leviticus.


That is a terrible picture of the prayer journal but you get the idea. Our church hands out these prayer journals for free. I went through and added tabbed sections for each of my boys. I can add specific prayer request under their names. I also read Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most by Brooke McGlothin. This got me very motivated to improve my praying for my boys. I also have another prayer journal that is for all the other prayer request. I may add tabs to another one and add family, friends, church, etc. but for now I am working on praying more for my guys.
I am a note taker. I seem to remember things better if I write them down. I purchased a 5 subject 5x7 notebook. I added tabs (I just love tabs). I labeled these 1. Sunday school notes (have I mentioned I have the best Sunday School class ever) 2. Sunday Am notes 3.Sunday pm notes (our church has two different services on Sunday) 4. Bible study notes (have I mentioned I have the best bible study ever) 5. prayer request - these ones here are mostly ones that we talk about at bible study but I add other ones from church also. There is a pocket in the front where I keep my Sunday School prayer request sheet each week.

Well there you have it. That's my bible study tools for now. I am working hard at trying to be more consistent with spending time daily in the Word and in Prayer. This quarter I have a lot of reading with the classes I am taking and its not easy to find more time to sit and read. Having the bible reading plan to follow is helping. I am determined to read through the bible this year. Well now you all can hold me accountable to that. Next step: helping the boys get a better system for doing their own quiet times. I have two that are pretty good about motivating themselves to do it. I hope to encourage them all to make this a priority daily. Ohhh I am going to go add that to my prayer items for them.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Souper Week

This week we had a "souper week!" Each night we had some kind of soup for dinner. Monday was a very crazy busy day here and it ends with a soccer game in the evening so I was very simple in making a beef stew. I love this in that you can just throw in some veggies you have on hand. I don't use a recipe just added beef broth, cooked ground beef, carrots, potatoes, split peas, celery, and onions. This is actually a hit here. I served this with some cut up fruit.

On Tuesday one of my favorite soups: chicken pot pie soup. This recipe was shared by a friend and can be found here
I do not add the pie crust but served it with breadsticks. I also add carrots. We had company this evening and they enjoyed this soup as well. Yummy!!!! 

Wednesday we have a tradition of dinner with my parents. About a year ago I had a class to take on Wednesday evenings and my mom was able to feed my kids and get them to awanas for me. When I was done with the class my boys wanted to continue Wednesday evenings with grandma. I told mom we were having a souper week and she was happy to carry on with her creamy chicken noodle soup. I do not know the recipe but I do know it is really good. I love when my mom makes this dinner for us.

On Thursday we had  Baked potato soup. This is a pinterest recipe found here.  I loved this topped with bacon and green onions. Adding of course cheese. My boys do not like that I add cream cheese to this recipe but I love that. I don't think they would have noticed but it was not totally melted. This time I only added half the cream cheese and told them I compromised with them. They seemed good with that.

Friday night the boys went with their dad for and Dalton was working so I did one for lunch,  I am not sure the boys would have ate this. I don't really let them decide they wont eat something but if I know that most would not like it I just don't really make it for them.  I tried a chicken and white bean chili. I added cheese to it. It was pretty good.
Saturday the boys didn't come home tell after dinner and I came down with the stomach flu so there was not really any cooking or eating going on here. It is Sunday and I do have a basic chicken noodle soup simmering in the crockpot right now. I still am a littler nervous eating so its just a plain chicken broth, carrots, onion, chicken, and egg noodles.
It was a great week of soup. I love the soups that I can put in the crock pot and have dinner ready. What a great time of year for warm soup also. Nothing warms the house and soul like nice warm soup on a cold day.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I have had some comments in regards to why I am now  screening the comments that come in. I will not be posting comments from names that are made up. If you would like to post under your real name feel free but for those of you wanting to just say mean comments under a different name I will not be posting these. My children read these post and they do not need to see smart, uncalled for, and untruthful comments from those who do not know the truth of what my children and I have faced. Those of you that have been very encouraging and kind to my boys and I, Thank you, I appreciate and love you all.