Wednesday, May 22, 2013

 Jody (and many others) have nick named Dalton, Superman. Im not sure if it because he always wears superman shirts or because he talks about him often. Jody found Dalton a superman shirt. Dalton decided it would be fun to get Jody a superman (woman) shirt. It is still difficult to get these two to take a "Nice" picture. Although, it is a lot of fun trying. Dalton asked if we could have the high school group from church over some Sunday evening. Since I had Saturday off this week and the boys where at camp, I decided this would be a good weekend. I was a little nervous that my house and yard would be to small and unsure what the group would do to entertain themselves. Well have no fear. A busy street and a group of kids.....plenty to do. Groups of kids stood or sat by the street and had many cars honking at them. It was pretty funny. We also had a game of "ninja" going on in the driveway. The group brought their own dinners but I provided dessert. It was a fun evening and I am very impressed with this group of kids. I will make sure to host this group again sometime.

 Brownell, along with some other schools, had a family zoo night. We decided to make it a family fun night. We had a picnic to start off the evening. I was looking forward to not cooking, so we grabbed subway. Not to mention a few of the boys had gotten subway gift cards for Easter and they where excited to use them. We then headed off for the zoo. I thought maybe the boys would feel a little old for the zoo, but surprisingly they all had a great time.

 Feeding the goats was great entertainment. I think we could have stayed there for an hour. Oh wait maybe we did. It did make the little boys sad that the big goats kept hogging all the food. So they stepped up to feed the little ones.
 I love this picture. They where all together and all talking. May there be many more moments like this for the rest of their lives.
 Carter was most captivated by the insects. We are going to have to go back during a less busy time; allowing Carter time to just sit and check out the bugs. I plan to go grab him some library books on bugs when we sign up for the summer reading program on Friday. This is one of my favorite summer activites and we have taken part in it since Dalton was about 2.
We then headed to the park. It has been a long time since we have been to this park. Not sure who the other kid is in this picture, but he was instant friends with the boys. We then met up with some friends at the ice cream place by pioneers park. What an amazing evening. I sure had a happy and thankful heart.

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